Job Advertisement: Full-Time Research Assistant

  • 2016-07-14
Job Advertisement: Full-Time Research Assistant
About the Job
  • Title
Full-time Research Assistant
  • Description
Assistant to Natsuki Arai (Assistant Professor, Department of International Business, National Chengchi University)
(Primary) Administrative work (processing administrative documents and Chinese-English translation etc.)
(Secondary) Research/teaching related work (data collection and organizing lecture notes etc.)
  • Qualification
- Proficiency in English or Japanese
- Computer skill (minimum: MS Office)
- Bachelor’s degree or above
  • Salary
Salary follows the National Science Council standard
(Typically, $31,520 NT for bachelors and $36,050 NT for masters in their first year)
  • Period
One year from August 2016 to July 2017 (Starting/ending month could be negotiable)
How to Apply
Interested candidates should send a CV (as a pdf file) to Natsuki Arai ( In the CV, please include information on your educational background, work experience (TA, RA, etc, if any), and skills and qualification (computer software, language (such as TOEFL), etc.)
If you have any supporting documents (academic transcripts, score reports of language tests, etc), please send the scanned copies with your CV.
Short-listed candidates will be interviewed after the receipt of application.