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Prospect and Objectives
1. Learning Goals for Each Level
Undergraduate Studies:

      Develop capable talents for international business and help students get familiar with not only the professional knowledge and skills required by international commerce but be able to deal with different types of financial issues. In addition, students will improve their foreign language skills and become business talents fluent in English or other languages with an international perspective.

Master's Studies:

      Our Department's master's program simultaneously covers managerial environment, corporate management, and globalization. In order to help our students become professionals, they can choose and explore a domain out of the four choices: international economy, international finance, international business administration and marketing, and international law. These programs not only help them develop a global perspective but also the skill to analyze international economic situations.

Doctoral Studies:

      Our doctoral program focuses on dedicated training and theory-based discussions on different domains in the wish of developing students who have insight and problem-solving skills and can work independently. Their research and thesis-writing skills will also be developed through teacher-student collaborations that help them know how to conduct qualitative and quantitative research independently or as teams.

2. Objectives for Research and Development

      In terms of research, we actively encourage such efforts and provide our faculty members with incentives for publishing studies and taking on research projects in order to raise our academic level to the international standard. On the other hand, we are also actively recruiting promising scholars to join our Department and inviting senior professors to work as visiting professors in order to reinforce our research capacity. Our long-term goal is to actively form strategic alliances with well-known academic centers and schools and make our Department a significant, international research center.

3. Objectives for Teaching and Learning

      In order to improve the quality of teaching in different subjects, reach the college/campus-level objectives, and help students improve foreign language skills, we will continue to lower the teacher-to-student ratio and have more courses taught in English. At the same time we will also effectively develop and integrate curriculums of different subjects for the purpose of training international management personnel who are capable of both managerial technologies and theories. In addition, collaborations with different industries will help our students develop the skills for actual practice and problem-solving. Given the importance of dedicated knowledge and skills in the global market, our students will also need to gain a global perspective and learn about the management methods in global industries and international corporations.

4. Student Focus

      The purpose of our Department is to develop personnel specialized in the theories and actual practice regarding international products and finance. Now a member of WTO, Taiwan requires more international business professionals, and it is our Department's duty to actively train and develop managers and decision-makers who have the global perspective, keen observation, and strong creativity.

5. Development-related Collaborations with Enterprises

      We focus on collaborations, assistance, and support with and for enterprises. Certain courses require practicum and research that can only provided by enterprises as these efforts would combine theories with actual practice and help students better prepared for actual work. We will also establish a mid/long-term partnership with enterprises by providing them with relevant techniques and free consultations regarding commerce and management.